About Andrew

Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Strong lyrics that connect the subjective to the universal. A powerful and dynamic voice with range and nuance. Strong musicianship that is the result of commitment to his craft. These are some of the hallmarks of Andrew Shedden as a performer.

Shedden grew up in Peterborough, Ontario performing before he was even of age at local open mics and concerts. Having released several EP’s that he sold from the side of the stage, Shedden released his debut album, Better off This Way in 2016

Featuring production by James McKenty and performances by Sam Quinn and Alan Black, Better off This Way was a great milestone in Shedden’s songwriting career. While honing his live show with his band Rural Soul, Shedden embarked on a new professional adventure, moving to Northern Ontario to work as a teacher, having earned his B Ed from Trent University.

Having spent the past several years in the north, Shedden has grown as a musician, a songwriter, a producer and a person. In 2021, Shedden opened Bell Rock Recording, a full-service recording studio in his new home of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

Having produced a full length album for Amy & The Easy Hundo, an EP for Crook the Kid, and several other projects for other artists, Shedden took it upon himself to start working on his sophomore record.

Uncertain Heart

Uncertain Heart is the first track off of Shedden’s Sophomore Record! Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Shedden at Bell Rock Recording, this track features numerous musicians from Fort Smith!